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Thursday, 6 November 2014


    Readers of my blog will no doubt have observed that I have not written anything about THEPRIS6NER in recent weeks. It is not that I have forgotten about the series, far from it in fact. THEPRIS6NER 2014 calendar is but a finger touch away from my desk “More Village” is my desktop background. The plain and simple fact of the matter is, that no matter how much I appreciate the series, there simply isn’t the material that there is with the original series. As well as the fact that there’s only 6 instead of 17 episodes. Mind you if Patrick McGoohan had managed to have had his way, the original series would have had only 7 episodes, and that would have restricted the material to play around with dramatically.
    Its been a while since I last watched THEPRIS6
NER, last April in fact. Next year will be the series 5th anniversary. I still recall when in late 2009 ITV began to screen the trailers for the series, I recall how they stirred and excited my imagination. I couldn’t wait for it to appear on television. I read how the series premiered in New York, over three nights instead of six. It seemed to me that they were trying to get THEPRIS6NER over and done with far too quickly. Or was there another idea to it, as with the 1982 Precision videos of the original series, running two episodes into one in order to make a film! Thankfully here in Britain ITV saw fit to screen THEPRIS6NER as single six episodes, but even then it was over all too quickly. Well in my opinion any way, not that there are too many people who will agree with me on that. They would say THEPRIS6NER wasn’t over and forgotten soon enough, that the series should not have been produced in the first place. And yet it took ten years for the original series of ‘the Prisoner’ to be fully appreciated, so there’s time for THEPRIS6NER yet.
     A friend of mine asked if ever there is enough impetuous for a fan club or society for THEPRIS6
NER? Well its took about ten years for Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society to come along after the screening of the original series. But in truth, I shouldn’t think there is enough impetuous, not enough impetuous, nor indeed enthusiasm for THEPRIS6NER. Years ago, from the early 1980’s into the early 1990’s there used to be groups associated with ‘the Prisoner the length and breath of the British Isles. Some produced newsletter and magazines, all dedicated to ‘the Prisoner.’ If I were ever to set up a group in appreciation for THEPRIS6NER {which I’m not} and if that included producing a newsletter or magazine dedicated to the series {again which I am not} I know exactly what they would be called, and the logo to be used. And that can only mean one thing, I have toyed with the idea in my mind, but then dismissed it!

It is, as it is, as it should be.
Be seeing you

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