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Saturday, 1 November 2014

File No.6

"I can never remember, one lump or two?”
“It’s in the file.”
“Yes, as a matter of fact yes. But it would save time if you just answered.”
“Why are you running out of time?”
{Number 2 looks it up in the Prisoner’s file}
“Does not take sugar. Afraid of putting on weight Number Six?”
“No, nor of being reduced.”
                    {Number 2 and Number 6 during The Chimes of Big Ben}

    What Number 6 isn’t afraid of, is being reduced to a number. Doesn’t he do a lot of shouting about not being a number? And presumably Number 6 assumed that like his predecessor, this current Number 2 was also running out of time. When in fact all he wanted to do, was to save time during that particular interview. And besides, he didn’t want to miss the new arrival waking up in her “home from Home.” He suggested to Number 6 that it was quite like old times, Nadia Rakovsky waking up in her cottage, reflecting Number 6’s own arrival in The Village. But more than that, it possibly reflected Number 2’s own arrival, seeing as he himself had once been a prisoner in The Village. So deplorable was the fact, that he resisted for so short a time. But then one can imagine that most arrivals in The Village were much of a muchness. Waking up in what they must think is their own home, only to look out of the window and discover the awful truth, that they are not at home at all. Such brings about their instant disorientation. Mind you, it does create so much work for some people, having to create exact replicas of people’s rooms, along with the contents of those rooms as in the case of Nadia and Number 6 for example. Although in Nadia's case, as she was a plant, it may not have been. And yet for the Professor and Madam Professor, they went the whole hog and recreated their whole house! Mind you they couldn’t do that for everyone, The Village simply wouldn’t be large enough!

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