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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Number 2 And The Village!

    Number 2 is Chairman of The Village, the chief administrator, at times an interrogator, and is second only to One. And yet if you think about it, only 4 of a total of 19 Number 2’s {I don’t count Number 6 as 2, or the sub-divided Number 2’s of the Town Council} actually made it to The Village itself!
   Mostly Number 2 spends his time either in the Green Dome, or the Control Room, with occasional appearances in The Village via the use of sets, the Old People’s home, on the cliffs and down on the beach. Even when Number 2 takes a taxi ride to the helicopter in ‘The Schizoid Man’ he’s not in The Village, it’s a back-lot at MGM film studios. It must have been somewhat strange for an actor to play the role of Number 2, Chairman of The Village, without having actually set foot in The Village. At least for actors like Leo McKern and Anton Rogers, they both enjoyed the large set of the Recreation Hall, while others like Colin Gordon were confined to interior sets.

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