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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Number 240 - An Observer

   Number 240 is part of the machine, she was Number 34’s observer, then for a time Number 6’s Observer. She’s supposed to be their best Observer, and yet at one point she has to report to Number 2 that she cannot find Number 6! Oh well don’t bother about that, because it doesn’t seem to be of any importance to Number 2.
   Number 240 is also Number 6’s prosecutor at his trial, yet despite the rules, she protests because she thinks the court is going too far with Number 6. But it is the rules, and there’s no arguing against “the rules!” She might have felt something towards Number 6, yet dare not show her feelings. While on the Outlook with Number 6, she asks him “Will I see you again?” To which Number 6 replies “Can you avoid it?” Perhaps 240 wanted to see 6 again on a private level. However such is the saying “Observers of life should never get involved.” It would seem that the job of an Observer is an important one, yet Number 240 might feel her position as an Observer is a curse, rather than a blessing.

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