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Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Prisoner

    You know why you are here. You have been brought here because, because there wasn’t anyone else! Oh don’t look at me like that, it was inevitable that you would be brought here. Nothing to say for yourself? That’s not like you at all, a man like you has always had plenty to say for himself. You have spoken out on many issues, and believe me, there are those who have sympathised with you. But not everyone is so………..forthright. We need such a man as you, you are just the sort of man who can say the things that need to be said. No, don’t say anything now, you’ve done well not to have said anything up until now, it would be a pity to spoilt it. I have a feeling you won’t be with us long. Not like, well, he’s such a stubborn fellow, he’ll be here for the rest of his life. And the longer he is, the more uncomfortable for him it will be.

    How are we today? Everything to your liking is it? Comfortable? You have everything you need. How many days is it now? Two, or is it three? I know it’s difficult for you to keep track, it’s been three weeks since your arrival here. Ah, but I see you have only my word for that. I lied of course, you’ve been with us for just under three months. I have to say that I am disappointed, I’d have thought you’d have talked by now. And yet I have to admire you for that. Especially when you have no training in resisting our modern day techniques. We don’t use the rack, the Iron Maiden, or the thumb screws. Its all drugs and psychology these days. Oh you didn’t eat your dinner, and your tea has gone cold. I’ll have some fresh food and hot tea brought to you, can’t have you wasting away. They tell me that you have a future with us.

   Isn’t that better? A shower and a shave, clean clothes, and all of a sudden things don’t look quite so bad. Well I’m only too pleased that you agree. You are far from the first to find yourself in this situation. Chambers, did you know Chambers? A nice guy Chambers, and so talkative. Cobb might have crossed your path. He was of a more stubborn nature, he even tried to escape The Village. He eventually ended up in hospital, where the doctors have many ways and means. And soon after that, it didn’t take much to turn Cobb, who was allowed to leave. Such was his eagerness to serve his new masters. Oh but if that happens to you, do not get any ideas of being free of The Village. We have a very long reach. Just ask the Colonel and Fotheringay, free in the outside world yes, until we come calling for assistance. Dutton, oh I see by your reaction that you know or are aware of the name, Roland Walter Dutton. He’s still here, a sad case. He told us a great deal of information, although he was reluctant to go further. Unfortunately for him he was expendable, and in his enthusiasm the doctor went too far in his experiments with Dutton. I am glad to see that has not been the case with you, and that we didn‘t need to employ any extreme measures. I don’t think it was stubbornness on the part of Dutton, simply that he didn’t know any more than he had already told us.

   So you met Number 6 today, hardly surprising, you never know who you’ll meet here. As you must realise by now, The Village is very cosmopolitan. I suppose you would know him better as ZM73, and he you as MR90. But I should forget him if I were you, he’s not going anywhere, seeing his continued  resolve not to co-operate.

    Ah there you are. All packed and ready for the off? Its just a quick flip in the helicopter to the landing stage, and from there by boat along the coast to a seaport. I’ve a taxi waiting outside, so if you’re ready.

    I suppose you’ll be happy to get back, I’ve no doubt Daphne will be waiting to welcome you home. A nice young woman Daphne. Oh didn’t you know, she works for us too. That’s how we were able to find you so easily. That’s how it works you see. We bring people here who are in possession of certain information, information that we extract, or sometimes protect. Then having turned the subject, he or she is sent out into the world in order to work for us. Today The Village, tomorrow the whole earth as The Village. So now it’s your turn. I’m sure you won’t let us down.
    The helicopter’s engine fires up, the rotor blades begin to turn slowly, then faster and faster until they are at maximum rotation, and the Alouette lifts off the ground and takes to the air. Number 2 stands watching the helicopter gaining height as it flies out over the estuary. Suddenly a cabin door opens, and a man’s body falls from the sky impacting on the hard sand below.
    “Pity” thought Number 2 climbing into the back of the taxi “Daphne will be disappointed!”

Be seeing you

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