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Friday 22 September 2017

50 Years of The Prisoner!

Where am I?
In The Village
What do you want?
We want information, information, information
You won’t get it
By hook or by crook we will
Who are you?
The new Number Two
Who Is Number One?
You are Number Six
   Next Friday sees the Network event held at Portmeirion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British screening of ‘the Prisoner.’ However, just as Britain was beaten to the premier screening of the series by Canada, tomorrow in Oakville Ontario {September 23rd 2017} a party is to be held to celebrate the 50th anniversary. First screened in Canada the party organiser Andrew Flint informed me that the party has been deliberately set closer to the U.K. premier of ‘the Prisoner.’
    The party begins at
1pm when everyone in Prisoner costume will be Well Come. The Village Guardian is set to put in an appearance. There will be screenings of ‘Free For All – Dance of The Dead – Checkmate – Once Upon A time and Fall Out.’ There will be time to socialize, and a break for dinner. Props, Prisoner visualizations, fun, and happiness by order!

    Replica telephones

        Replica Village badges.

Be seeing you

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