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Thursday 28 September 2017

The Harmony Chronicle

Living In Harmony! 

                                       by our own reporter

   Living In Harmony! by our own reporter  “Living In Harmony” that’s got to be the biggest joke I’ve heard this month! How the town’s people of Harmony can live with themselves beats me. Only today there was another killing in town, Sam Bennett a local rancher was gunned down in the Silver Dollar saloon by the Kid.The Kid’s a two-bit gunslinger, a psychopathic killer who’d gun down anyone that dares cross his path as soon as look at ‘em! They do say the clothes he wears are from the men he’s murdered, and today he murdered another good man. Along with Les “two guns” Crawford, Frank “shoot ‘em up” Maher, and Bill Nick, the Kid is in the pay of the Judge, he owns Harmony and most of the people who live in it!  Well I tell you good people of this town, there ain’t no law and order here in Harmony. Only two days ago the Johnson boy was strung up right here in this town on the hanging tree, and for what? Selling whisky to the Indians! Now Sam Bennett has been gunned down like a dog, and in front of witnesses! No-one lifted a finger to help Bennett, all they said was that Sam drew first! Well I can’t believe it. Sam Bennett was a rancher, the only time he took his gun out of it’s holster was to scare off Coyotes, or use it to hammer a nail into a fence post! What this town needs is some proper law and order. The Judge is corrupt and someone’s gotta stand up against him, and by thunder if no-one ain’t got the spunk for the job I’ll do it myself. Because if there’s something else this town needs it’s people with backbone, and courage to face up to the Judge’s two-bit, no good, murdering gunslingers! Hot dog, we’ve gotta make Harmony a place fit to live, where families can be raised. A place where it’s safe to walk down the street without being shot at, robbed, assaulted, or raped.
   A drifter came to town a few days ago, a low down skunk smelling high plains drifter. And what happened? The Judge went and made him Sheriff! And what won’t the Sheriff do, he won’t wear a gun! But he did something that none of the town’s people have ever done, he stood up to both the Kid and the Judge. Todd Chandler reported  to me that this stranger punched the Kid in the face and left him to crawl away in the dust on the floor of the Silver Dollar saloon like the snake he is. I’d have given top dollar to have seen that. There was a fight in the street, right outside the Jailhouse. Zeke and more of the Judge’s varmnts attacked the sheriff. The Sheriff took a real beating, but he beat them, he gave them a walloping the like of which the Judge’s men have never had before. If only the sheriff would get some guns on! By jiminy then we’d clean up this town. The ones that weren't gunned down,  we’d hang ‘em and hang ‘em high that’s what we’d do. As for the Judge, he’s such an ornery critter, he’d be fixed for a good horse whipping! Then we’d tie him onto the back of a horse and skedaddle him out of town. But first the Sheriff’s gotta get some guns on before someone else in this town is murdered! So what about it Sheriff?
  Price Of Horse   Flesh Rises!
   The rising price of horseflesh in Harmony is a grave concern to the townspeople. Ira Knight, owner of the Livery Stables is said to be selling horses for $5,000, and the rest are expensive! There’s always someone out to make a fast buck! But it seems to me that Ira Knight has priced his horses out of the market!

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