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Friday 8 September 2017


                                        by our own reporter
  It seems hardly credible that there is anything left at all to investigate about No.6, not after these past 50 years. I would have thought the subject had been squeezed dry, and yet there does seem to be a little remaining! Because how can No.6 be seen in the two places at the one and same time? No, I am not referring to The Schizoid Man, but during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ No.6 is observed standing on the balcony of the Green Dome, when No. 6 is still in bed!  On a second occasion No.6 is observed standing on top of the stone Bandstand, and yet this was only moments before he is seen leaving the Green Dome! But if that was not enough, upon a third occasion No.6 is seen running along the road in the central area of The Village, as moments later he’s returning to his cottage as the announcement is made about a great new painting competition. Perhaps this is a case of a 6 impersonator in the Village! It might be that No.2 has had 6’s twin brought to The Village, two-times 6 that would just be asking for trouble! But perhaps it is The Schizoid Man, going about The Village impersonating No.6 in readiness to take his place. But no it can’t be, that No.6 wears a cream blazer! But why should No.6 be seen running down the road? Much is made of those new “masters” who Cobb mustn’t keep waiting. No.2 who said mustn’t damage him permanently, say our masters. And No.2 who thought No.6 was a plant, No.14 suggested an accident could befall No.6, but No.2 suggested that their masters would know who was responsible. Did Number 6 once work for those “masters?” Is Sir Charles Portland one of those so called masters? And what about that time No.6 went calling on No.2 who was due to retire, he asked to see him, and when he did, he didn’t seem to recognize No.2. Mind you No.2 himself seemed pretty vague about No.6, which would indicate they have not had anything to do with each other, well not until that moment! On the face of it, it looks like No.6’s loyalties have changed, seeing as he’s trying to save No.2’s life in assisting his escape from The Village. But No.6’s loyalties never change, he’s on the side of the people, which begs the question “Why do you care?” Its seems unlikely that we’ll ever know.
   As we know No.6 is very active, he’s also very athletic, having been on the British Olympic fencing team, has a shooting average of 90%, and has constructed his own gymnastic frame in the woods. He is a keen student of chess and knows several 7 move checkmate wins. But more then that there’s  Kosho, something No.6 appears to excel at. During one of No.6’s electoral speeches he said that you can partake in the most hazardous sports, and you will. Hazardous sports, that would be Kosho would it? Because I cannot think of a more dangerous sport!
   No.6 is also cultural, he’s read Cervantes, he knows his Goethe. Artistic-wise he likes to work with wood, his abstract carving ESCAPE had the Arts and Crafts Awards Committee worried for a moment. He has a classical knowledge in that he knew how to construct a Triquetrum, a device by which to make astrological calculations, and how to construct a “floating compass.” No.6 is quite the most extraordinary man, whose skill, knowledge and ability is second to none. Its no wonder that he was chosen as No.1. Who else in The Village could have been selected to that lofty position? But No.6 is a man of principle, his loyalty is beyond question. He is also his own worst enemy. See how he approaches the effigy in the cloakroom during ‘Fall Out,’ the effigy which wears his own suit of clothes which were supposed to have been burnt. Is it my imagination, or does No.6’s hand first move to grasp the effigy by the throat but unbuttons the polo shirt instead? Think then how much of a shock it must have been to No.6 to discover that he’s been No.1 all the time. But it was worse for No.1, thinking that he’s the boss only to find he’s been the Prisoner all the time! Either that or its been Curtis playing the 6 against the 1 all the time. No wonder No.1 was mad as a hatter, playing two people at the one and same time would be enough to turn anyone's brain!

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