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Sunday 10 September 2017

A Favourite Scene In Harmony

    The Man With No Name is at the bar and the bartender slides a glass of whisky along the bar.
    “On the house.”
   Cathy tells The Man with No Name that regulars get the first one on the house.
    “I’m not regular.”
    “I’m Cathy.”
    “It’s a nice name.”
    The Man With No Name reaches for the glass, it’s shot from under his hand! The Judge asks the stranger to join him, the stranger orders a whisky. His hand reaches for a filled glass, but it hesitates for a moment...then picking up the glass The Man With No Name takes a drink. Putting the empty glass on the bar he turns, seeing the Judge sat at a table playing patience. He sees the Kid and steps forward, the Kid stands there holding one of his Colt 45’s. The two men look at each other, each sizing the other up, their eyes never break contact, the Kid’s thumb is on the hammer of his gun. But The Man With No Name is fast with his fists and strikes out to punch the Kid, the Colt 45 drops from his hand and he falls to the floor. The stranger sits down at the Judge’s table. The Judge tells the stranger he shouldn’t have done that, because a man needs all the friends he can find. The Judge and the stranger engage in conversation while the Kid crawling about on the floor recovers his top hat and Colt 45. The Kid’s good according to the Judge, sensitive, but one of the best, meaning he’s a fast on the draw gunslinger and mean with it. The conversation between the stranger and the Judge continues, an offer is made, but The Man with No Name is moving on. He gets up to leave the Saloon, drops what sounds like a wooden silver dollar on the bar and leaves. But he doesn’t get very far, all the horse flesh is expensive $5,000 and how’s business? Looks like The Man With No Name will be staying in Harmony after all, unless he can escape rather like Number 6’s predicament in The Village. He even plans an escape with Cathy, like Number 6 did with Nadia during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ only unlike Cathy, Nadia lives to tell the tale!

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