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Friday 22 September 2017

Names Are Not Used Here!

    Well that’s not strictly true is it? There’s Cobb for a start, no Chambers was the first, then Cobb. Nadia Rakovsky was next, if indeed that was her name. I should think Nadia was her real first name, agents and spies generally use their real first names. Well it’s easy for them to remember and react to in certain circumstances. Then came Alison, how she managed to get Number 6 to help her with her mind reading will forever remain a mystery, but something to ponder over on long dark winter nights. Curtis, I wonder where he came from? There couldn’t be two people who looked like Number 6 who worked for British Military Intelligence. If only Curtis had stood his ground against Rover, but he lost his nerve! The Professor and Madam Professor, Mr. and Mrs. Professor, but that’s not a name is it, it’s a title! I suppose that makes them unique in The Village, they neither have names nor numbers! I don’t suppose we can count Mrs. Butterworth can we? After all her surname was used outside of The Village, and we didn’t know she was going to turn out to be Number 2. But she is unique in the fact that she is the only Number 2 we can put a name to, even though it might not be her real name. That possibility had not passed me by. Dutton, he would spend the rest of his days in The Village requiring a carer {someone to look after his daily needs}, judging by his state of mind! Monique, daughter of the Watchmaker, was she born in The Village, or was she taken there along with her father, and what about her mother? More material for those long winter evenings! The Colonel, well like the Professor that’s a title, and not a name, and that goes for the other professor, Jacob Seltzman, but his name isn’t used in The Village either, just his title. Can Number Six be a name? It’s what he’s called after all, and if he is just a number, like any citizen why use the word number why not just call him Six? Is Six a name? Well there was a Franz Six, the quiet bespectacled publicity manager at the Porsche plant in south Germany, who achieved the rank of SS-Brigadeführer in the Nazi party during WWII. More than that, quite recently in credits for three separate television programmes I’ve seen the surname “Village” for three different people. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the word Village as a person’s surname!

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