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Friday 29 September 2017

Fifty Years of The Pri50ner!

   “Appreciation Day” This is the day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the great day when we show our appreciation of the series we all love and know so well - The Prisoner.

    The Prisoner reached the 50th anniversary of the British screening today, Friday September 29th, exact to the day as it was in 1967. Today NETWORK are holding their one day special event to celebrate the anniversary in Portmeirion, and will be screening ‘Arrival’ at the precise time as it was screened in 1967. Although not everyone in Britain watched ‘Arrival’ on this day 50 years ago, as only two regions of ITV’s television network screened the episode, those of ATV Midlands and Grampian. After today the screening of ‘Arrival’ was staggered {as indeed was the screening of the whole series} by the rest of ITV’s regional network between October 1st and October 27th, by which time ATV Midlands and Grampian were already up to ‘The Schizoid Man’ in the series.

    I myself did not see ‘Arrival’ until October 6th, so I’m looking forward to commencing a screening of ‘the Prisoner’ on that date and in black and white via a good old fashioned video player. My screening will also include the two week break in January 2018 to screen the two episodes of ‘Danger Man – Koroshi and Shinda Shima’ originally used as a stopgap in the screening caused by a delay in production of ‘the Prisoner.’ Also my wife suggested it would be a novel idea to watch my film ‘Village Day’ {produced in 1998-99} after ‘Fall Out as the 18th episode of the series. The idea came to my wife because it was suggested in an email from a person who had been making copies of ‘Village Day’ who said it’s the 18th episode of ‘the Prisoner.’ I should perhaps explain, for those who do not know, some hardcore fans of ‘the Prisoner’ have been somewhat passionate regarding a possible 18th episode to ‘the Prisoner’ over the years.
   Will I be watching an episode of ‘the Prisoner’ this evening in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary? No! Because for me the series does not begin until October 6th, nevertheless the day will be marked with a mixture of music via LP and 45 records, and dialogue from cd’s.

Be seeing you

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