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Wednesday 6 September 2017

The aRRivALl

    I don’t know why I’m here, they must have made a mistake, yes that’s it they’ve made a mistake, and when they realize that they’ll release me.
    Someone calling herself Number 2, who appears to be the head woman, invited me to join her for breakfast in her office this morning. Number 2 asked me if I’d had a comfortable journey. I told her that I couldn’t say, seeing as I was unconscious at the time! I was then de-briefed and briefed upon my position. I pleaded with her that someone had made a mistake, that I shouldn’t be here. I told her I’m loyal, that my loyalty has always been beyond question. Please I said, check, check every detail about me. She said that they had, and that I could read it all for myself in my personal file.
   As far as I could tell the hours turned into a day, the day turned into a week, the week into a month, and all the time I was questioned, interrogated, tormented, tricked, fooled, and even endured mind altering drugs. They wanted to know all about me, but they knew all that anyway, it was just to get me to talk, but I had nothing to say, nothing!
   I told them again that if they thought they had the right man they were wrong, because they had the wrong man! Then one day……… Number 2 called me into her office, she told me that she had been reviewing my case, and had been doing some investigating. She apologized for her predecessors attitude towards me, and told me that there had in fact been a mistake, that I should have been released on the day I had arrived. I was much relieved to learn this, and prepared myself to leave, if they could just let me have my clothes……..but I was told they had been burnt! Why? Apparently it was thought I would not have any further use for them, again Number 2 apologized. She said she could understand my sudden jubilation at the thought of being released. But sadly my feeling of joy was premature. Number 2 informed me that it is has now become impossible to release me, due to the knowledge now in my possession. It has been decided that I have become a security risk. And will now spend the rest of my days in the peaceful atmosphere of The Village!

Be seeing you

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