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Monday 4 September 2017

Village Life!

    “It’s terrible to be brought face to face with oneself, I can’t believe it, I’ve been ‘C’ all the time! How could that have happened?”
    It must have been quite a shock, the sudden realization, it’s not at all like looking at oneself in the mirror. Don’t worry Number Two, this is a trick that will be played more than once, you wait until ‘The Schizoid Man’ and ‘Fall Out,’ Number Six will brought face to face with himself twice, three times if you count the dummy in the cloakroom! But of course you won’t be around to see that, mind you it’s not everyone who gets a second bite of the cherry, generally speaking one strike and you’re out.
   “Number Fourteen’s drug failed.”
    No he succeeded, but I assure you that you will not be the only Number Two to fall foul of Number Six. All I can say is better luck next time.
    “Next time, there’s to be a next time?”
    Why yes, it’s impossible to bring in your successor at such short notice, so just carry on regardless.
    “I’m not a well man!”
    What...oh I see are you fit for a second term? Well we’ll just call this your first term, no need to serve a second....have you been introduced to the General?

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