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Saturday 16 September 2017

A Favourite Scene In The General

   When Number 6 attends one of Madam Professor’s art seminars, he is busy sketching when he attracts her attention.
    “Can I help you?”
    “I don’t know….can you?”
    “Finding things a bit strange?”
    “That is the trouble, I can’t find anything at all!”
    “What exactly are you looking for?”
    “What are we all looking for?”
    “Well let’s see now. That gentleman over there. What do you think he’s doing?”
    “Tearing up a book.”
    “He’s creating a fresh concept, construction arises out of the ashes of destruction. And that woman?”
    “Standing on her head.”
    “She’s developing a new perspective.”
    “Really. Him?”
    “He’s asleep, one learns only when the mind wants to, not at set times.”
    “Is that what your husband believes?”
    “It’s self evident surely. What’s your subject?”
    “What’s yours?”
    “Mine? Modern art.”
    Number 6 tears off the top sheet of his sketch pad and hands it to Madam Professor. The sketch is of herself but in a General’s uniform.
    “What do you think of this?” handing her his sketch.
    Madam Professor looks to be insulted.
    “Not altogether flattering. So art’s your subject too.”
    “No, no, military history, Generals and that kind of thing.”
    “I’m afraid you may be wasting your time.”
    “What a pity. I understood your husband is quite an authority on the subject.”
    “He may be. But I’m not.”
    Madam tears Number 6’s sketch in half.
    “Creation out of destruction?”

    It would seem the tearing up of Number 6’s sketch is symbolic for the destruction of the General! Number 6 asked Madam Professor what are we all looking for? Madam Professor and her husband must have come to The Village looking for something. But I bet they were not expecting it to be The Village!

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