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Thursday 14 September 2017

Number 66

    At one time I must have been a very popular Number in The Village, seeing as I appear no fewer than four times in the one episode. First I’m pinned to the frilly apron worn by a housemaid. You remember her, she tried to play on the sympathy of the Prisoner-Number 6, but he hasn’t any sympathy for anyone! She told him that if he gave her some sort of information they would let her go. But he soon saw through her, telling the housemaid that her services would not be required tomorrow! Then the next thing I know is, I’m pinned to a taxi driver outside the hospital, giving Number 6 a lift home. Then later I find myself pinned to a British navy ex-Admiral’s cap, he’s sat at a table on the lawn of the Old People’s Home waiting for a chess opponent to play. I wonder why he wanted to hide his cap badge? But if that’s not curious enough, a little later I was pinned to the self same British naval cap badge, but it’s worn by a different ex-Admiral, who is playing with a plastic boat in the pool in the Piazza. What’s more he’s got a woman with him, and she’s wearing a naval cap. Perhaps she’s his flag officer......just a minute she could be Number 1! Because in the navy the first officer of a ship is known as Number 1! Now what make you of that?

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