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Tuesday 26 September 2017

A Favourite Scene In Dance of The Dead

   “You make the most of your opportunities, you don’t blame us for doing the same.”
    “Ah she’s taken to you, I’m jealous. Oh she’s mine, she works here too. She’s very efficient, almost ruthless.”
   So the cat belongs to Number 2, that’s nice. Does that mean, seeing as how ‘Dance of the Dead’ was originally to have been the second episode and thereby preceding ‘Many Happy Returns,’ that when this particular Number 2 left The Village she left her cat behind. I write left The Village, but did something darker happen to Number 2 for her to leave her cat in The Village? Because when Mrs Butterworth enters Number 6’s cottage the cat is at her feet! As it is at the end of this scene the cat is left behind, locked in the mortuary, wants what we all want ultimately…to escape!

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