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Friday 8 September 2017

In Lucks Way!

   Ah Number Thirteen how goes it with you?
   How think you it goes with me Number Seven? Yesterday I tripped over the black cat, tumbled down some steps, fractured my leg and ended up in hospital! The day before that my weekly credit allowance was all used up, and I couldn’t buy myself a quarter pound of pear drops! Number 6 beat me at chess, checkmate in seven moves in seven games! A few minutes ago it was announced that ice cream was on sale, when I got there I discovered the flavour of the day was mint choc-chip, I hate mint choc-chip! A couple of weeks ago I tried to escape The Village by digging a tunnel, a slight miscalculation and I intersected a tunnel below the Town Hall! I’ve been run over by a taxi, attacked by Rover, and I got caught trying to escape with Number 6.
   Crikey you have been in lucks way!
   And you Number Seven, how’s it with you?
   You think you’ve had it bad! Have you ever had the feeling you’re being eradicated? Recently I’ve become aware that the number 7 has been removed from practically everything here in The Village. All I want is for it to vanish from my badge and I’ll cease to exist entirely……..
   Hello Number Thirteen, that’s the first sign of madness you know, talking to yourself.
   Oh no Number Twenty-two I wasn’t talking to myself, I was just talking to Number 7 here. That’s funny, he’s gone!

Be seeing you


  1. So that's the secret about Number 7, he had been declared unmutual!

    1. Hello Jana,
      That looks to about the size of it, either that, or he simply faded away. But either way poor old Number 7!

      Best regards