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Monday 18 September 2017

Caught On Camera!

    Poor old chap, he’s hurt himself! It’s all very well Number 6 having overpowered the projectionist and then to take his place. Number 12 must have explained to him what to do with the Professor’s micro reduced message, but did he say anything about the periscope? If not, how did Number 6 know the projectionist sits at the periscope, and what did he think he was looking for or at? When Number 6 broke into the projection room he attacked the projectionist, rendering him unconscious. A voice over a loudspeaker asked projection to check-in, in fact he was asked three times to do so. Then he went to the periscope, pulling it down and looking into it saying “All clear, standing by.” How did he know he had to do that?

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  1. The "periscope" enables a riskless preview of what Villagers are subject to mentally once the actual transmission is happening. As with any software application there may be flaws and certainly No. 1 wouldn't risk one of his subordinates to be unnecessarily "brainwashed". - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      That's very good, it reads as a plausible explanation. But how did Number 6 know he was supposed to use the periscope when he was impersonating the projectionist? Was he just guessing, or was it instinctive? I suppose Number 12 of administration could have told him, that morning Number 6 had to go and see him in his office.

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