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Monday 4 September 2017

The Trivia!

    Number 2 called it the trivia of your resignation, Number 6’s resignation that is, and really by the time of ‘A Change of Mind’ I suppose that is what it had come to be, a trivial point. After all no Number 2 had interrogated Number 6, or had carried out some ingenious plan in order to try and extract the reason behind his resignation since ‘The Schizoid Man’ episode, and that was 6 episodes back. But then it seemed to matter again, and Number 2 tried his best to make it a trial matter. And yet in his sedated state of mind Number 6 resisted still, he was not about to give up the reason behind his resignation because he was not obliged to give a reason. But what would it have mattered had Number 6 given them a reason, after all he could have told them anything, as long as it sounded convincing enough. But perhaps that was it, give one piece of information away, and all the rest would follow. It might be supposed he took a risk by giving them the time of his birth, but then he knew that they had that on record, even if they had deleted it from his personal file. One trivial point, ‘A Change of Mind’ has something in common with ‘Dance of The Dead,’ they both carried a threat which Number 2 knew would not be carried out against Number 6!

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