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Friday 8 September 2017

Caught On Camera!

    The Judge is wearing the same shirt as Mister X wears in ‘The Girl Who Was Death, and Number 48 in ‘Fall Out,’ coincidence? No, I bet it’s the same shirt, there couldn’t be two, no three shirts like that! Mind you I have one identical to it, handmade as a matter of fact, and the second one of two, the previous one wore out. I wear it from time to time when I’m out and about the town, with the same sort of tie the Judge and Mister X wear. Both are part of my Village wardrobe, together with my piped jackets, canvas deck shoes, elastic sided black boots, polo shirts, and the jacket from my arrival suit. Fashionable? Well most are to wear about town, others a personal trend. Mind you I’ve not yet plucked up courage to go out and about wearing one of the colourful striped capes I have tucked away in the wardrobe! Mind you with the cooler whether on the horizon it will be time to get No.2’s scarf out!

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