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Monday 18 September 2017

Village Life!

   “Who’s he?”
   “You, you’re Chambers.”
   “No, no I’m Cobb.”
   “Not Chambers?”
   “No, I told you.”
   “Couldn’t you be Chambers?”
   “It would make it better if you were.”
   “Because I was to have had a meeting with Chambers, to try and stop him.”
   “Stop him from doing what?”
   “Leaving the Foreign Office.”
   “He was defecting?”
   “Number Two mentioned Chambers, he knew I was going to meet Chambers but he never turned up. So I thought you were Chambers.”
    “Well I’m not, I’m Cobb!”
    “It would give continuity to the storyline……”
    “I’m Cobb, I was in
Germany, I went back to my hotel, I think I went to bed…I was here!”
    “You went to sleep in
Germany, and woke up here?”
    “Yes. Dutton’s here.”
    “Dutton, what’s he doing here?”
    “The same as you and me I should think, only it’s worse for him.”
    “Why, what are they doing to him?”
    “They sit him in….the comfy chair!”

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