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Tuesday 12 September 2017

Thought For The Day

    It’s just as well ‘Dance of the Dead’ ended up the eighth episode, had it been the second episode as originally intended, to have Number 6 meet Cobb in ‘Arrival,’ and then Dutton in ‘Dance of The Dead’ would have seen to have been somewhat repetitive.
    In ‘Arrival’ Number 6 encountered Cobb in the hospital, who on the face of it appears to be under the doctor, being experimented on seeing as they want to know all about him. It’s the same with Dutton in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ except he’s been released from the hospital for 72 hours so that he can consider his position in the peaceful atmosphere of The Village. And who knows, perhaps it was much the same for Chambers late of the Foreign Office, seeing as Number 2 described him as being so taut. Meaning stressed, tight, that he wouldn’t talk or give anything away. Did Chambers break in the end, and end up like Cobb, being released back into the Foreign Office. Or perhaps he died in the struggle not to talk. Maybe he somehow managed to commit suicide, or worse, he ended up like Dutton!
   It would have been in keeping with what Number 2 said about Chambers, had it been Chambers Number 6 encountered on the ward in the hospital instead of Cobb.

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