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Sunday 24 September 2017

Too Old For Escape!

   That’s what Number 14 told Number 6, too old for escape, that he used chess to keep his mind alert. Well he wasn’t too old to join Number 6’s reliable men, or to show no fear towards the white membranic Guardian as it passed by. Mind you after Number 14 had put him onto how to distinguish between the prisoners and the waders, Number 6 may well have felt obliged to take him along! But just as Number 14 had himself once used his method of distinguishing between the prisoners and the warders by their attitude towards him in order to try and escape and had failed, so too Number 6. If he doesn’t watch it, one day Number 6 will be too old for escape. And yet by that time he may well have realized that all possible ways of escape have been long been tried and exhausted!

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  1. As an interesting side aspect, it's been pointed out elsewhere that the "man with the stick" can be seen as No. 6s alter ego but in a more advanced stage of age. it would then be more than true what you are saying that "all possible ways of escape have been long been tried and exhausted." - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Number 14, the man with the stick, can be seen as Number 6's alter ego? I don't recall that one. I suppose it could be possible, but then how many alter ego's is Number 6 supposed to have? As for "All ways of escape have been long tried and exhausted," that's by any number of prisoners not just by one. In fact it might be that even by the time of Number 6's arrival in The Village, that every possible way of escaping has been tried and failed, but nevertheless he would have to try for himself!

      Best regards
      Be seeing you