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Tuesday 27 February 2018

60 Second Interview No.2

    “You’ve lost you and your friends….I’ll break the lot of you!.......who are you?”
    “I am Number One Hundred and Thirteen, and this is my photographic colleague One Hundred and Thirteen b, we contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    No.113b “Smile” click goes the camera.
    “Well what do you want?”
    “Just a quick word Number Two.”
    “I have nothing to say.”
    “You seemed to have plenty to say just now. What about these so called enemies in The Village, do you have any further idea of who they are?”
    “Not so called, you’ve just passed one on his way out, Number Fourteen is a traitor, he has been conspiring against me!”
    “Can we quote you on that Number Two?”
    “Haven’t you read The Tally Ho?”
    “You know how it is. Today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper!”
    “You! Why did you let these two in here? You’re one of them aren’t you? Oh yes!”
    The Butler looks at Number Two, he remains silent.
    “Don’t you threaten him! Bullies like you always pick on the little man, besides the door was open.”
    “That doesn’t mean you can come waltzing in here.”
    “We didn’t waltz, we walked in.”
    “Well now you can get out, go on, buzz off!”
    No.113b “Smile” click goes the camera.
    “We know when we’re not wanted!”
    “I find that difficult to believe! Get out, get out of this house!”
    “Come on One One Three, if we’re quick we might get a word with Number Fourteen, and get his side of the story”

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