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Friday 9 February 2018

The Therapy Zone

   And so the great day was nearly over, it went off rather well Number 6 thought, better than planned in fact. And then the new Number 2 could look forward to his own retirement, and Number 6 is sure they will arrange something equally suitable for him when the day comes.
   “Be seeing you…won’t I?” said Number 6, there is a question mark over that, oh not like the word Security in The Tally Ho, but will Number 6 actually see this new Number 2 again? Because he had never met the previous Number 2 before the onset of Appreciation Day, in trying to prevent his assassination!
   So where does that leave this new Number 2? Will he see Number 6 again, or will he be hidden away somewhere, working behind the scenes doing good works for The Village on behalf of the community,  as his predecessor had done. In the past Number 1 has always been swift in removing any Number 2 who has failed to bring about a successful conclusion to the remit they had been asked to carry out. As an interim Number 2 he had given Number 1 his assurance that Plan Division Q was running like clockwork, dead on schedule in fact. “Nothing can go wrong now….” Well, it did, Plan Division Q was an unmitigated failure, and this new Number 2 was responsible. So what might Number 1’s action against him be? I like to imagine that any such retribution against Number 2 would be carefully considered and thought out, that time would be allowed to pass by and Number 2 given time to settle into his new position. It would be very uncomfortable for Number 2, forced to carry on with his work, all the time knowing that one day his time will come, but not when nor how. In effect being made to sweat it out!

Be seeing you

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