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Monday 5 February 2018

Bureau of Visual Records

    They work fast in The Village! Only a few moments ago the Prisoner looked into this therapy room where people were sitting on the floor wearing headphones, eye masks, and Judo garb whilst undergoing therapy treatment. But soon after the Prisoner left the examination room having undergone a medical, he looks into the self same room again. The previous patients have all been removed, the lighting altered, and this infantile man has been installed to undergo seeming incomprehensible therapy that only the doctor can understand, “Ah he’s coming along nicely,” the doctor comments, plus the patents wearing the Prisoner’s clothes.......why? Perhaps the previous patients had come to the end of their therapy session, but if they had its still quick work to make the necessary changes! Removal of the patients themselves, not to mention the computer banks, but the lighting would be simple to change. It makes me wonder if it’s all done simply for effect!

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