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Monday 5 February 2018


    Chess runs through this episode, only not always the same game. It’s as the ex-Admiral said in ‘Arrival,’ we’re all pawns. Number 6 learned of a way of distinguishing between the prisoners and the warders, little good it did him. Such was his attitude of authority that his own test was turned upon him, and we know what happened after that. But all the moves were in Number 2’s favour, there was never any chance of escape, even if they had managed to overpower the crew of M.S. Polotska, as Number 6 managed to do, little good that did him! There must have been a point when Number 14 had himself discovered how to tell between the prisoners and the warders, or had at least been passed such information as he had passed it on to Number 6. Then having put that information to the test himself, had gathered about him his own reliable men in an attempt to escape The Village. And yet seeing as Number 14 is still a prisoner, it looks like he had about as much luck as Number 6. In having passed on such information to Number 6, Number 14 may well have seen that 6 was a man of a different calibre. Judging him by the way he plays a fine game against Number 2, Number 6 might well have a better chance of putting that information to a more successful use than himself. And he might have been right, had Number 6 adopted a slightly different attitude!

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