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Saturday 3 February 2018

Dance of The Dead

    So to the rest of the world Number 6 is dead! But the rest of the world already knew that, well they would have done had they retained the original ending to the previous episode. But its lucky that this episode and it’s predecessor were written by the same scriptwriter, Anthony Skene. That way he managed to get the meaning of the end of the one episode into this one! The only trouble is, that amended body lying in the long box in that little room, later to be dumped at sea to be found by a passing vessel, probably wasn’t found and so the death of Number 6 went unreported, if ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ is anything to be judged by. Because no-one in London was aware that ZM73 was supposed to be dead!
   There’s a touch of the French revolution about this dark, seemingly female orientated episode. They may have dispensed with democracy, and so cut through the dead wood, and that’s another thing, death stalks this episode, it runs through its very core. And would have been made even darker had Trevor Howard been available to have played Number 2, and in the costume of Jack The Ripper, as had been originally intended. Then they could have blamed all the dead citizens at the end upon him. Again if the original ending to this episode had been retained!

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