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Wednesday 21 February 2018

The Therapy Zone

    Plan Division Q, a complicated execution plan to get rid of a Number 2, no I don’t mean Number 2 who was about to retire, but that toadying interim Number 2.
    Number 100 had radicalized Number 51-the Watchmaker, who had made a replica of the Great Seal of Office, and had constructed a detonator device for a bomb which would be hidden in the replica of the Great Seal. Number 100 had obtained the necessary plastic explosive, and Number 50 the Watchmaker’s daughter had managed to persuade Number 6 to involve himself in the plan. His part to convince Number 2 that there was a plan to assassinate him, but he discovered that it was not an assassination plot, but a plan to execute Number 2!
    “Plan Division Q all set………it’s working beautifully……….dead on schedule you could say…….no sir, no. no just the way you ordered it……….the people are already gathering it will be a very err, very spectacular……….no nothing can go wrong now I..I’ll stake my future on it……….well thank you sir, yes well I know you will.”
    The way this interim is seemingly always taking off and putting on his spectacles during interviews is reason enough, it’s an irritating habit! But the trouble was Number 6 just had to be involved. Up until the moment Number 6 confronted the Watchmaker in the
Bell Tower everything was going according to plan, the Great Seal of office which had hung about he head and shoulders of the retiring Number 2, now hung about the head and shoulders of the new Number 2. So why was there no detonation of the bomb inside the Great Seal? Because the detonator was then in the hands of Number 6, Number 100 had done his best to retrieve the detonator but he wasn’t physically up to the task, the plan to get rid of this new Number 2 had failed. Now something else would have to be thought up, a new plan to rid The Village of this failed Number 2!

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