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Saturday 17 February 2018

Girl Who Was Death

    Sonia may be credited in the closing credits, but the girl’s name is Death, even though she doesn’t wear a black cowled cloak and carry a scythe about with her. Death comes in many shapes and forms, but Mister X, or John Drake as I like to think of him, is a born survivor.
   Death certainly led Drake a merry dance through the funfair, but I would have preferred to see him driving his Mini Cooper S in the car chase. I should have said his Lotus 7, but Drake never drives a Lotus 7 in ‘Danger Man.’ But then perhaps he hadn’t built the car at that point, after all he wasn’t at home that much. And for him to drive a Mini Cooper S in ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ might be thought to have been something of a giveaway! But even so the Lotus Elan doesn’t seem the car for him somehow, and yet to have used the Lotus 7, would that car have looked right in the car chase scene?
    I am reminded of a theory which was put forward many years ago regarding the Prisoner, that he was in fact the husband of Mrs Peel of ‘The Avengers’ {1965-1967}. This theory came about because around the time of the Prisoner’s resignation and subsequent abduction to the Village, Mrs peels husband also disappeared! It was not known where Mrs Peels husband was, yet strangely around the same time of ‘Fall Out’ Mrs Peels husband returned!
  So on those grounds I wondered if the Lotus Elan Mr. X drove might have been Mrs. Peels, but no, the two cars have different licence plates.

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