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Friday 9 February 2018

It’s Your Funeral

    Another question of time, simply because Number 50 took a long time making up her mind to go and see Number 6. Why, because she needed his help in preventing an assassination! So this interim Number 2, the first one we have come across, is behind with Plan Division Q. A plan which involves Number 6 at its very heart, so to give it credibility when he goes and warns Number 2 of the assassination plot against him! This the Number 2 who has been away on leave, which is also new, because as far as we can say no Number 2 has ever left The Village to go on leave. But it just goes to show we learn much about The Village as we go along. And it would appear that his Number 2, who has recently returned to The Village, has never before had any such dealings with Number 6, he barely knows who he is, lucky for him! And Number 6 certainly doesn’t know who Number 2 is. Perhaps he has been far too busy with his administrative details, as he works behind the scenes, leaving interim Number 2’s to deal with the likes of Number 6! But then I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. No plan involving Number 6 ever succeeded, the interim Number 2 should have taken a closer look when he was reading Number 6’s file!

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