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Wednesday 7 February 2018

Hammer Into Anvil

   I have wondered if this Number 2 is Thorpe of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ fictionally I like to think they are one and the same person. But if not I wonder where they got this paranoid person? How was it he came to be appointed Number 2? He saw conspiracy everywhere, and enemies within The Village, but no-on knows who they are, perhaps they do not exist except in Number 2’s paranoid mind. Mind you, Number 12 in ‘The General’ did make mention of dissidents, of which he might well have been one. And in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ there is a list of malcontents, of which Number 6 is top of the list! So these enemies are not all in Number 2’s mind after all!
    He trusts no-one, he calls Number 14 a traitor when all the time he has been loyal, and only wanted to serve. 14 wanted to give Number 6 a dusting down, he said he’d really enjoy that, Kosho was the challenge that was accepted. Number 6 of course enjoyed a semi-weekly Kosho practise, and soon got the better of Number 14. But for the life of me I cannot understand why Number 6 didn’t dunk 14 into the tank of water.
   The doctor once said to Number 6 that life in The Village suits him, well it didn’t seem to suit this particular Number 2!

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