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Friday 23 February 2018

A Favourite Scene In Hammer Into Anvil

    Having left the Green Dome, Number 6 observes the posters in the bay window of the General Stores. “Music begins where words leave off,” “Music says all,” And “Music makes for a quiet mind.” He enters the General Stores, selects a copy of The Tally Ho, then examining the sleeves of a selection of LP records, he selects the Davier recording of Bizet’s L’arlesienne and wants to hear it, well all six copies of the record as a matter of fact. But surely they are all the same!
    The shopkeeper Number 112 begins to wonder what Number 6 is up to, not that Number 6 listened to all 6 records, but he did apparently find the one he was looking for. However according to Number 6 it wasn’t a very satisfactory recording.
   Number 2 didn’t understand what makes one of those records different, they sound identical. The sleeves are all the same, no variation in tempo, Number 6 must have been listening for something. He was timing them you see, and then he wrote something down on a piece of paper but the shopkeeper has no idea what, and neither do we. But since no further reference is made to that note, it may be assumed he didn’t actually write anything, but was part of the act of jamming!

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