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Sunday 11 February 2018

A Change of Mind

    That’s what they were hoping Number 6 would believe had happened to him, after thinking he had undergone a full personality change through Instant Social Conversion. But it took a man like Number 6 to see through that! Number 6 is certainly aggressive, disruptive, and at times disharmonious. He’s also a bit of a lone wolf, at times he prefers his own company to that of other people. Mind you he must have been feeling like that long before this episode, because even before, by the previous episode Number 6 had constructed his own personal gymnasium in the woods. And yet he still needed The Village facilities for his semi-weekly Kosho practice, mind you that’s one activity he could not carry out on his own in the woods. I wonder when that all began, those semi-weekly Kosho practices?
    Number 6 once described Number 2 as a professional sadist, but to my mind this Number 2 is the creepiest of them all. Something’s he says makes my blood run cold, especially during one conversation with Number 6 in his cottage. This Number 2 does not suffer stupid women, mind you he’s easily pleased when Number 6 comes to say how he wants to make his public confession, so to encourage others with secret information to speak out also. Number 6 easily reels this Number 2 in and gaffs him, with the help of Number 86 that is. It would appear that Number 2 is unmutual, a man who would steal your mind. Instant social conversion for Number 2. It’s no wonder he made a dash for the relative safety of the Green Dome!

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