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Saturday 17 February 2018

A Favourite Scene In It’s Your Funeral

   “Plan division Q all set, its working beautifully…….dead on schedule you could say……     …No sir, just the way you ordered it………. The people are already gathering it will be very spectacular………… No nothing can go wrong now I’ll stake my future on it……….. Well thank you sir, I know you will.”
   Why is it I want to tell this interim Number 2 to get up off his knees? And why is he speaking to Number 1 using a yellow telephone, when it is more usual to use a red one. Where was continuity at the time? It might have been an idea to get him to use that red oversized curved telephone, the one Colin Gordon and Patrick Cargill were forced to endure!
   This interim Number 2 assured Number 1 that nothing could go wrong, well whenever did a plan involving Number 6 work? He also staked his future on the plan succeeding, well as it worked out this new Number 2 didn’t have much of a future. We can only speculate as to what happened to him. Was he instantly removed from the position of Number 2? Or was he allowed to replace his predecessor, forced to work for the good of both The Village and its community during the forthcoming year. And so made to sweat over what his own fate may be 365 days from now on Appreciation Day!

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