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Thursday 1 February 2018

Thought For The Day

    In Dance of The Dead’ Number 42 is Roland Walter Dutton, a man who was due to die, seeing as there’s a termination order against him. But towards the end of the episode it seems Dutton is already living a living death! And yet something must have happened to Number 42, perhaps that termination order had been carried out, because the next time we see Number 42 he’s a painter, painting the side of an archway. It’s like when Number 6 met with Number 14 in ‘A B And C.’ “Last week Number Fourteen was an old woman in a wheelchair. You’re new here and your one of them” Number 6 told her. The old lady must have died suddenly, and her number passed onto the doctor. So it appears to be the same with Roland Walter Dutton, the former Number 42!

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