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Friday 9 February 2018

Caught On Camera!

    A search is made of Number 6’s wardrobe at his suggestion. Number 2 and this operative with his metal detector are searching for the Professor’s tape recorder. The tape recorder isn’t in the wardrobe, however hanging there is Number 6’s other piped blazer, together with his own suit. The same suit which was supposed to have been burnt in ‘Arrival,’ but was seemingly being worn by an infantile patient at the hospital. The same suit which was specially delivered to him for the occasion of Carnival, and yet here it is hanging in the wardrobe in a scene in ‘The General!’ It doesn’t quite hang right does it, this plot about a suit of clothes. And yet it would have, had ‘Dance of The Dead’ been kept in its original place of second in the screening order, therefore before ‘The General’ not after.

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