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Monday 5 February 2018

Time And Tide Wait For No Man!

    In ‘Free For All’ when only a few moments before Number 6 was seen floundering in the water having had to abandon the jet boat, a Mini-Moke/ambulance towing a Red Cross trailer is seen speeding to his assistance. Number 6 having been brought to shore by three Guardians. And then taken to hospital by ambulance. The same type of scene would have followed when Nadia was in much the same situation during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’, having been brought to shore by three Guardians, her unconscious body cared for by hospital medics. But that doesn’t account for the swiftness of the out-going tide in ‘Free For All.’. And yet that same team of medics were on the self same mission that day when the Prisoner attempted to escape by Mini-Moke along the beach. He’d been confronted by the membranic Guardian that time, and lay unconscious on the beach! You see most events in The Village are relative, have either happened before, or are bound to happen again at one time or another!

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