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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Caught On Camera!

  Number 50 must have gone to see Number 6 very early in the morning, he was still in bed. According to his daily activity prognosis Number 6 exercises daily with a walk around The Village at 6:30am, so Number 50 went to see him before then. Why so early? And that also would account for the Supervisor-Number 26’s little “Slap-dash improvisation” as the Interim Number 2 described it, of having the door to 6 Private being left open. Because although the Supervisor explained that Number 6 doesn’t always answer the door when someone comes calling, at that early time in the morning the door to the cottage would have been locked, to prevent the occupant from going out. So the Supervisor would have had to have given an instruction to have the door unlocked anyway at that time of the morning I should have thought.

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