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Monday 19 February 2018

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    ‘Dance of The Dead’ is an episode which stands out from the other 16, yes likewise ‘Fall Out,’ but then ‘Fall Out’ isn’t like any of the previous 16 episodes. Whereas ‘Dance of the Dead’ stands out because it’s a female orientated episode. There’s Number 2, the Observer-Number 240, Number 56 the maid, the Supervisor-Number 22, all they really needed was a female doctor like Number 23 and they would have the full house! But as it stands the major players are mostly female, or at least that is how it appears when there are only four. But then if one counts the three attractive ladies which Number 2 tried to date one of them with Number 6, then the number increases to 7. This episode also stands out due to the fact that it demonstrates contact with the outside world, that she sends her reports and receives instructions from those masters most probably back in London. For if that is not the case, then why the teleprinter, and not simply telephone Number 1, or to whoever she was speaking to before breakfast that day.

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