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Thursday 1 February 2018

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    What I don’t understand is this. They brought Number 73 to The Village because they couldn’t find her husband, and hoped to persuade her to tell them where he was. But she didn’t know where he was, only that he was somewhere over there, presumably meaning behind the iron Curtain. During an interview with Number 73 Number 2 produced a photograph of 73’s husband with the woman Mariah. Apparently the photograph was taken in a hotel room where they used to meet up together. If they knew about 73’s husband and the woman Mariah, and were able to obtain a photograph of them together in a hotel room, why couldn’t they have simply abducted 73’s husband from the hotel? Or if not, simply follow him back to his apartment and abduct him from there? Unless The Village administration didn’t have agent’s operating behind the Iron Curtain. But if not, how was it they were able to obtain that photograph in the first place? 50 years on and still we do not know it all, and never likely to, which is probably just as well. Strip ‘the Prisoner’ of all it’s mystique, and there’d probably be nothing left!

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