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Saturday 3 February 2018

A Study In Prisoner!

    In ‘Dance of The Dead’ Number 6 finds it possible to leave his cottage despite the door being locked, via the study window, which for some reason has been left unlocked. The fact that Number 6 has escaped the confines of his cottage is reported to Number 2, who observes him down on the beach before releasing the Guardian. Having witnessed Number 6 testing himself against the Guardian Number 2 deactivates it, leaving Number 6 on the beach.
   “He’ll eventually go back to his room” Number 2 tells the cat “It’s the only place he can ever go.”
   In ‘Many Happy Returns’ Number 6 escapes the confines of The Village and eventually returns to a room he knows very well, right down to the patch of dry rot behind the writing bureau that was made good about 12 months ago, in London, the study of No.1 Buckingham Place. However Number 6 is not one to let the grass grow under his feet for long, and he’s once more on his way back to The Village, back to his room, as either way it’s the only place he can ever go!
  As for the French window that had been left unlocked, that may well have been deliberate on Number 2’s part, as Number 6 unwittingly obliges in some night-time manoeuvres in order to test Village personnel efficiencies!

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