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Tuesday 21 June 2011

60 Second Interview With No.20 - The Labour Exchange Manager

    No.113 'He didn't seem to appreciate your questions.'
    No.20 'Who didn't?'
    'Number Six.'
    'Oh him.'
    'He didn't seem to recognise you Potter.'
    'Why did you call me that?'
    'Well that's what you were called the last time we saw you.'
    'And you gain promotion to Number Two's assistant soon.'
    'Will I? Oh good.'
    'Didn't you recognise your old colleague?'
    'Who was that then?'
'John Drake. Number Six.'
'Oh. Is that who he was?'
'I don't know, I'm asking you!'
'Well he didn't recognise me, did he. I mean he didn't say what the devil are you doing here Potter, did he?'
'No, no he didn't.'
'Well there you are then.'
'Look, would you mind not fiddling with that contraption.'
'What do you want here? Are you looking for a new job?'
'No, I contribute to TheTally Ho.'
'And your friend there?'
'He's the photographer.'
No.113b 'Smile' {click goes the camera]
'Are you sure you didn't know our friend here in a former life?'
'What him? I've never seen him before in all my life!'
'No, not One-One-Three, Drake.'
'I was once his contact man.'
    'In Japan wasn't a record shop? And later you were again replicated the role of a contact man for Drake, directing him to the Magnum Record shop. And now here you are seconded to the Village. You certainly get around Potter.'
    'Number Twenty, they don't like you using names here. Don't you know that? And I was not seconded here!'
'Oh, you came here of your own free will then?'
'Not really. It's our form of Siberia. The Colonel...............'
'Ah, I see it all now. A fringe agent, with an eye for the ladies, who fell out of favour!'
'Something like that.'
'And here you are, Manager of a Labour Exchnage!'
'I can think of worse jobs.'
'And in no better place to find one, eh Potter, oh sorry Number Twenty.'
'Look, if you're not looking for a new job, get out of my office!'
{We did leave, One-One-Three and myself. But it wasn't Potters office for very much longer. Soon there will be a new Manager of the Labour Exchange}.

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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