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Sunday 26 June 2011

Postcard From The Village

   The central Piazza in Portmeirion looks strange without it's pool and fountain. But of course this postcard comes from a time when there were tennis courts in Portmeirion. Had not the central Piazza with a pool and fountain repalced the tennis courts, Village taxi drivers, and citizens of the Village, would have had nothing to parade around! You will also observe that there is no Bristol Colonnade {Bandstand}. Nor is there the Gloriette from which speeches are made in the Prisoner. If  Clough Williams-Ellis had not had the Gloriette constructed, No.2 and No.6 would have had to find another place from which to make their speeches during the election of Free For All, Appreciation day ceremony, and when No.6 was about to tell, to tell as the clock was about to strike four in A Change of Mind.  Also the two cottages of Telfords Tower and Unicorn are yet to be constructed. If my desire was to return to Portmeirion again, it would be to go back then, and not now. I have not visited, or stayed at Portmeirion since 2003, because I feel there has been a change brought about Portmeirion, as well as becoming far too commercialised in recent times.   BCNU.

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