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Friday 24 June 2011

The Meeting Of Alter Egos

   The meeting of No.1 and No.6, so called alter-egos of the same man, is not the first, as literature is littered with such meetings. Some would say that No.1 and No.6 are akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, No.6 being Jekyll, and No.1 Hyde, his evil other self who No.6 is trying to supress and control. But the one great difference is, that Jekyll never came face to face with Hyde, how could he when they are the same man? And that's what's wrong with the alter-ego theory about No.1 and No.6, it's just not physically possible for the alter-egos of one man to come face to face with each other! It is simply, in my opinion, done for effect, just like parts of the 12 hour visual journey taken by No.6 and Nadia which the television viewer it treated to. Travelling by road, sea, and air, a journey to London which never actually took place!

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