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Wednesday 22 June 2011


    As it happens the General is capable of  answering any question from advanced mathamatics to molecular structure. From philosophy to crop-spraying, given the basic facts first. And so the question has been asked why doesn't No.2 ask the general why No.6 resigned? But of course to do so, the General would have to be programmed with all the basic facts first......that's why the computer self destructed when No.6 asked it the question WHY? The General could not answer the question, because it was not pre-programmed with all the basic facts first! Of course computers do not blow up simply because they cannot answer a particular question, the General blew a fuse for dramatic effect.
    The General may have been a super computer, but any computer is only as good as its programming. It is like the World Wide Web that is the Internet today. If you search the Internet for a certain subject, that subject is only there because someone has put it there first, and you are then dependent on that information on any subject to be correct. It woul be the same if No.2 had typed the question Why did No.6 resign? There is not the information in the General in the first place to answer the question. What I mean is, you can't take out, what you don't put in!

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