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Monday 27 June 2011

What's The Password?

    On an evening in that episode of The Schizoid Man, two Guardians stop No.6 and ask him for the password. No.6 gives the password Gemini. One of the Guardians says that's not the password, and a fight then ensues. But why the two Guardians should set upon No.6 I don't know, because Gemini was the right password, it was the word given to No.6 by No.2 so that he would be able to tell the pair of 6's apart. Perhaps the two Guardians were expecting the password Schizoid Man, which Curtis furnished No.6 with a few moments later in his cottage. There is no thyme or reason for this as far as I can see. Unless No.2 neglected to tell the Guardians No.6's password. But that seems a rather feeble explanation to me.   Be seeing you

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