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Tuesday 28 June 2011

You Miss It When It's Gone!

   The Prisoner found it an irritation on the day of his arrival in the Village. Even when he trampled the black loudspeaker to pieces underfoot, it didn't stop the music, there being no-way to turn it off! Which would indicate that there is either more than one speaker in the Prisoners cottage, or the music isn't piped in through the loudspeaker at all!
    However by the time of The Chimes of Big Ben, when No.6 was still irritated by the unstoppable piped music into his cottage, he had found a far more subtle way of dealing with the simply placing the loudspeaker in the refridgerator! Thus rendering peace and harmony to his cottage once again.
    However, by the time of Many Happy Returns, No.6 wakes up to find no water, no electricity, and no programme of early morning music. You see, like everyone else, No.6 might dislike something, be irritated by something, possibly get used to it that in time, yet fail to notice it. Yet when it's gone you miss it! I wonder if No.6 will miss the Village when it's gone? I wonder if Patrick McGoohan missed the Prisoner when it was over? To use a form of No.2's words in The General, 'All Patrick McGoohan's own work. He gave birth to it and loves it with a passionate love.....probably hates it even more.'    BCNU

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