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Sunday 19 June 2011

Vote For Me And I'll Be....Ever So Comfortee!

     It's quite remarkable that No.113, who contributes to the Tally Ho newspaper, did not interview any of the citizens to ask why they were voting for No.6. In the end it was a landslide victory for No.6, but as it turns out, everyone votes for a dictator. But that apart, just what had No.6 to offer the Village? Could he have made life in the Village better for it's citizens? How would he have improved the Village? Why should anyone have voted for No.6 in the first place? Oh his words rang richly in the ears of the electorate, but could they have trusted him? As it worked out, the citzens could not trustNo.6. Because as the newly elected No.2, his first and last act, was to try and destroy the citizens whole way of life in the Village. Had I been a citizen of the Village, would I have voted for No.6? Well it would all depend on how I came to the Village, as a Prisoner, or born to the Village. As a prisoner, abducted to the Village, taken from the life I once knew, then yes. But if I had been born of the Village, and knew nothing but the Village, then I would be very afraid that No.6 would take that life away from me. Because someone born of the Village, what would life in the outside world mean for them? But in the end there was never really any danger of that.
   So all that aside, what had No.6 to offer a community such as the Village.....................No, I cannot think of anything either!
                 Be seeing you.

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