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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Thought For The Day

     The way No.1 dodges about in the Control Room of the rocket in Fall Out. Patrick McGoohan couldn't have No.6 getting his hands on No.1, because if he had, what would happen then? Possibly that would have been too revealing for McGoohan. After all what would he have had No.1 say to No.6? McGoohan would have to write something for No.1 to say, and that would not have been easy, because McGoohan didn't have anything to say for himself, well nothing he wanted anyone to hear. Possibly the meeting between No.1 and No.6, if they had laid hands on each other, might have ended with a repeat of the scene between No.6 and Curtis in The Schizoid Man when they had a fight in No.6's cottage, and that would have been something of a real anti-climax. In the end, No.1, who was screaming like a Banshee, fate was sealed in the nose cone of the rocket, and we the television viewer, back in the 1968 were left to figure it all out ourselves, not being able to watch the series again for almost ten years!

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